The service company said I needed to ask for an extended warranty to be issued for this repair. Samsung after service is usually good I found but their products in overall can be less practical and reliable comparing with other reputable companies. Guess I will try the hot glue trick. Just bought a 3-pack of filters, only to find they don't fit. I have filled several glasses of water without leakage. Bottom line: Samsung makes junk appliances and its service/parts department is filled with incompetents. A 6-month auto renewal ensures you get the right fit, every time. Oh wow!!!! I need to know if this is a defect in the fridge or a defect in the filter and how to prevent this from recurring. The new Aqua Pure Plus water filters do not fit on the three year old Samsung French Door refrigerator we have. Upon opening, it was not the basket but the third upper rack for silverware, knives, etc. The filter looked like the pics that jonathanplot, sott attaway and others have posted. Mine popped out with the old still filter. Find helpful customer reviews and ratings. The ring holds an O-ring, and seats into the fridge. Deals Store Best Sellers New Releases Gift Ideas Electronics Home Help Computers Gift Cards Coupons Sell Registry Books. When the nipple became detached in my fridge, the valve was pushed in, and that's why the water was spraying out when the filter was removed. pics please! Experience with SKS 48 inch range or other thoughts. Water turned on, no leaks, all good until the next filter replacement. And their final determination: replace with their suggested Kenmore comparable product, choose another product and pay the difference once they purchase it through their buying program, or $2,200 to replace the entire thing. See the original HD Merc post above from June 16, 2017 and my post from July 7, 2017 and then July 25, 2017. I am especially interested in what happened with Serendipity 123 since the concerns were exactly the same as mine. Didnt manage with a hanger to do anything. Samsung water filters use only a high-grade carbon block which removes over 99% of the potentially harmful contaminants that may be present in your water While retaining beneficial fluoride, this NSF Certified refrigerator water filter reduces cysts, chlorine taste and odor, particulates (Class I), … Compatible Samsung Models: DA29-00020B-1, DA29-00020B, HAF CIN, HAF-CIN/Exp, RF4267HARS, RF28HFEDBSR, RF28HMEDBSR, Many More Samsung Models (3 Pack) I also turn off the water supply to the fridge before installing the new filter. I opened the water a bit but nothing happened as well. If you remove the filter, and the ring does not come out with it, you have to first, turn off the water supply to the fridge, as it will be leaking (or spraying) out of the filter socket. Then realized the right vertical side of tab three was preventing the turn. Many thanks to everyone. Thank you. Free Curbside pickup – Schedule your pick-up to save time. Filter uses revolutionized technology for water filtration, with a high-grade carbon block that removes over 99% of numerous potentially harmful contaminants which may be present in your water. When talking to the owner of my local appliance store (all he sells is appliances GE on up to Viking and SubZero) he suggested avoiding LG and Samsung as they are made overseas, parts can be difficult to find as can finding someone to repair them. Shop Samsung 6-Month Refrigerator Water Filter at Lowe's Canada online store. And then just buy the fliter..... mystery solved. 98 / each. I added a second copper wire. Opened a few of the new samsung frigs. “The Samsung Water Filter makes the water dispensed by the refrigerator great-tasting, eliminating the taste of tap of water” –Art, Samsung customer. We have a Model RF28HMEDBSR/AA Samsung refrigerator, that we purchased in 2015. They should be attached, and should never come apart! LG is an excellent brand and I also like Samsung brand . STAY UP-TO-DATE. Find the perfect Home Appliances Accessories for you! Slim design allows for easy installation and removal; no tools required. Get clean, fresh-tasting water and ice by using this Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter.Convenient to install and remove. That's what the appliance guy said to me; that's what he communicated to the warranty service. …, An air conditioner that isn’t working properly is a major problem, Mine popped out with the old still filter. we are having the same issue so went to look at Home Depot HDX filters, Nope, all the same as the new samsung that don't work. This fridge still works (w/o the filter features) so we'll donate it to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I am checking now to see if the water pressure might be too high. For this, filter cartridge and mounting bracket are sold separately and available in store and online at Lowe’s. For further questions, please call Rainfresh customer support directly at 18006678072. I turned off the water supply, mopped up the mess, and it stayed dry. Sounds like you are saying Samsung is doing us a favor by making this design change at our expense and that we should be grateful. Called them again. The small piece in the above picture did not come with filter but was part of the housing unit on the older fridges. $29.98 $ 29. In both cases, the ring popped out (attached to the screw), and I was able to insert the new filter. Our local company here was very familiar with the problems. Part is around $215.00 plus labor. Called Samsung. THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY ISSUE: THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE!!!! Samsung Genuine HAF-CIN/EXP Water Filter for Samsung Refrigerators (1853) Model# HAF-CINS $ 49 98. Its been about 2 years without a problem. Buy 2 or more $ 44.98. "The small piece in the above picture did not come with filter but was part of the housing unit on the older fridges. OK, as so many others have described here, the new filters do not fit my 2012 refrigerator. Use this replacement filter with your Samsung refrigerator to provide clean, fresh-tasting water and ice from your side-by-side or French... Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA97-17376B (HAF-QIN/EXP) DA97-08006C Why would they even continue to stock those if they don't stock the filters that fit them? Most importantly, you can rest assured knowing that your water filter is keeping out any chemicals or toxins from your city's water supply. What is the new housing part number that fits both the new filters and fits on a RFG237AARS counter depth French Door model? So samsung refuses to acknowledge the water filter issue. Should I replace 27 year old Wolf 59 1/2" Gourmet Series? On the crappy filters, the ring comes off the end of the filter, and stays in the fridge, holding the water line open so it will leak all over. Skip to content Skip to accessibility help. The new filter does not fit the old housing on my 2016 Samsung French Door Fridge. Bought a Samsung dishwasher last November that had to be returned and another one sent out and installed. 98. I insisted there was nothing wrong with my refrigerator, so the warranty issue was irrelevant. It looks like the problem isn't a redesign of the fridge, but filter tips coming off and lodging in the housing. Note:- Not same as DA97-17376B (HAF-QIN/EXP). Sign in. FREE Shipping by Amazon. (155) 155 product ratings - Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter Replaces 9101 HAF-CIN DA29-00020A There is a small tab up inside the filter housing that has to be moved in the slot all the way to the end (you can see this with a mirror). Dishes need I tried the super glue trick, ( on the end of the filter. Skip to content ; Welcome to Lowe's. CUNO Inc. a 3M company, is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Samsung water filters. The filter has a nipple on the end that is supposed to have a ring pushed on to it. I showed the pictures of the problem to one of the associates, Paul, (Lowe's Langhorne,Pa) He had the great idea! $49 purchase). Buy Samsung's genuine HA-CIN Water Filter Replacement for your refrigerator. Still no luck. It didn't fit. Samsung DA29-00020B water filter can be used in the system for Model: DA97-08006A-B. So if u have a older just take something and pull out that small piece. There was one person we spoke to at Samsung who is aware of the problem and suggested we try to find a filter that was made by the previous manufacturer but that would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack since it would have the same SKU number! This is my second DIY. They all had what appeared to be a little disk at the top, and mine was just a straight thin tube. I honestly could have done it my self it seemed pretty easy watching the guy. A little not too happy about the whole thing, but it is what it is. I'll probably leave a bowl under it for a couple of days to be sure, but so far so good. I just went ahead and had it replaced. For best results, replace your Samsung filter every 6 months. Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount, Popular Refrigerator Models - RF263BEAESR, RF28HFEDBSR, RS25J500DSR, RF261BEAESR, RF4287HARS, RF263BEAESG, RF23J9011SR, RS25H5111SR, RF260BEAESR, RF28JBEDBSG, RS265TDRS, RS25J500DSG, RF23HCEDBSR, RF24FSEDBSR. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = wi Several people say they replaced the housing, but I don't see anyone mentioning the part number of the updated housing that fits the new DA29-00003G filters. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the HAF-CIN Refrigerator Water Filter. I will never buy another Samsung, not because problems are unacceptable, but because their solution is to walk away and shrug their shoulders. This new company redesigned the old filter by adding a new small plastic notch to the new filter...still calling it a DA29-00003G which was just ridiculous. We had a water leak after I popped the filter out, and reinserted it. The co-owner went round and round with Samsung and get this: On top of all the other costs (part, installation) we would have to pay a junk "appointment fee" for the only authorized Samsung repair person to come out. What I ended up doing is putting superglue on the old filter and reinstalled it for about an hour, when I removed the filter the part that was stuck in the housing came out with the filter. I took a wire hanger and curved the end just enough to hook the piece in the housing. I connected a copper wire to the heating element above the drain, then ran it into the drain tube. I still plan to write the Attorney General for the state that Samsung is headquartered in. I pushed the screw into the opening of the ring, and screwed it in a bit. But I will not put it back in the fridge, nor will I ever use the other Royal filter! It was then I realized that the top of my filter had broken off and stuck in the assembly. Samsung and Cookies. Common It took a month, and with no help from Samsung a repairman from Sears figured it out! Never miss a deal. Replacing for the exact same thing would not accomplish anything. This delayed the problem significantly, but it returned. With cap and without cap. I am really ready to pursue a class-action suit (obviously, I've gone through the same experience as most of you). You may end up gluing your filter to the housing, and that's a much bigger problem. What ever happened about the class action lawsuit? I pulled it out, and the new filter slid in with no problem. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Fortunately, he was not a company man, so informed me that the design was flawed and it would continue to happen. Called the yet again and explained that, after looking at the parts online, the rollers for the upper rack were part and parcel of a wire holder, called a basket, into which the plastic upper rack was inserted so needed an $80 wire "basket" Before another part arrived, something else broke and we said "that's it," returned it and got a refund. No class action lawsuit. iSpring 123Filter 20 inch x 4.5 inch 5 Micron Big Blue Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridge (9) $30. That didn't work) I tried a wire hanger. Interesting that when I pushed it back on the leaky filter, it seemed to set in quite tightly. To the person contemplating buying a Samsung: Why would you buy a product knowing that the manufacturer won't stand behind problems inherent in the design? Select a Store; Weekly Flyer; 1-888-985-6937; FAQs; Contact Us; Sign In. …, A broken dishwasher is a nightmare for many home owners. Refrigerator filters help to preserve the taste of water, they remove chlorine and organic compounds. The DA29-00020B Aqua-Pure Plus refrigerator water filter is built to serve the cleanest tasting water possible, directly from your Samsung refrigerator. Mine was the DA29-00020B. water filter was a little tricky to put into the frig. Had not experienced problems with the water filter until recently. I would like to join it. This Genuine Samsung Water Filter delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great and protects the components of your refrigerator from potential sediment. When I asked if Samsung was going to pay for the service call and parts needed, they said, "Yes." So far Samsung tv seems ok but not so much with fridge, washing machine, oven. We had a Samsung washer that bounced all over and was recalled (45 days after we purchased it) because it was exploding for other purchasers. Do you have the JennAir 36-Inch Built-In French Door Refrigerator? Need to replace my current filter and after reading others comments, I am starting to worry. This site uses cookies. Two remedies. Normally, no water leaks out when you remove the filter, but we were getting a spray of water. No more Samsung for us. Shop our selection of Samsung, Refrigerator Parts & Water Filters in the Appliances Department at The Home Depot. FREE Shipping by Amazon. I did it too and it is working perfectly! Install an In-line fridge filter (that is supposed to last 5 years) to bypass the internal filter that you can't get a replacement for anymore. Samsung customer service still does not admit they changed the design. One is to replace the Filter Housing assembly with a new one that will accommodate the new filter (estimated at $200), or go through various online companies and try to find the filter with the original U notches. French Door or Side By Side Refrigerator? is 601 365. The right filter, right when you need it The right filter, right when you need it Subscribers save $15 per filter on genuine Samsung water filters. Get a clear and safe water by changing your filter every 6 months. No housing needed. Works well so far. Buy refrigerator water and air filters online at with free shipping. Popular Refrigerator Models - RF28R7201SR, RF22R7351SR, RF23M8070SG, RF23M8070SR, RF23M8090SG, RF23M8090SR, RF23M8570SG,... 6700 Grade Lane, The Royal filter that came out of the fridge looked just like the photo on the box, but was missing the center bit with the "O" ring. I had the same problem with my refrigerator rfg297aars, I had the same filters as Suzanne, rwf1010, but they didn't want to go in - after reading some other posts, I took the plastic cover off the top of the filter housing, and while holding the top of the filter holder, I twisted as hard as I could while pushing up on the filter, and it started to turn - I thought I was going to break it, but it worked - no leaks but the water sputter out from the dispenser when I started draining the line because of the air in the line, but it stopped, thank God - what a pain in the ass! The is a water filter from Samsung that fits all current Samsung refrigerators except models of RF18, RF220, RF221, RT18M, and RF23M8090. Glacier Bay Premium 6-Month Replacement Filter Set (32) $65. Followed the superglue approach, after drying the filter and housing. Since we are still using only the genuine filters, I don't think that's our problem. Voila - it slid right in. 15% coupon applied at checkout Save 15% with coupon. The warranty company is giving us $2200 to buy a new one. Samsung has not been very helpful. EcoPure Melt Blown Universal Replacement Water Filters, 2.5 inch x 10 inch (2-Pack) (45)-Compare. Yeah, I agree, 100% BS IMO. As such...even the Samsung filters (sold as Samsung replacement filters) do not work in their refrigerators made prior to 2016. Who will join me? These myths and realities reveal the real look of French decor, Ditch the mower and lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering places, Color and history abound in this ‘unrenovated’ pied-à-terre in the Big Easy, Learn the crucial steps and coping mechanisms that can help when flooding strikes your home, What to do when you've got a beautiful Lacanche range? Use this Samsung refrigerator water filter to provide clean, fresh-tasting water and ice from your side-by-side or French door refrigerator. Refrigerator Question-French Door or Side by Side Choice. Selected category Water Filters; Cartridges; Business & Industrial; Pet Supplies ; Consumer Electronics; Cell Phones & Accessories; Clothing, Shoes & Accessories; Computers/Tablets & Networking; Show More; Type. For once, despite home warranty service horror stories, this worked out for us. Enjoy fresh filtered water right from your Samsung Refrigerator dispenser without worries. Not keen to buy much Samsung appliances if I can avoid it. I hope something comes out of this whole thing because it should have been fixed and replaced by Samsung. I've already ordered a supply as back up ... frustrating ... stuff ... and now I'm stuck with four WSS-1 Filters ... HI --- I have a new counter depth fridge but it's not a french door but I have the bottom freezer with two drawers and I love it and I have a stainless steel look that does NOT show finger marks It's called platinum . Fits Models RS267, RFS265, RS263, RS261, RFG293, RF4287. Amazing. Even appliance repair shops I called had no clue. So...if you have have a problem like are your fixes. Make it the star of your kitchen renovation, for starters,, Stay Cool About Picking the Right Refrigerator, 12 Great Decorative Alternatives to Curtains, Easy Green: Big and Small Ways to Be More Water-Wise at Home, How to Get Authentic French Style in Your Home, Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort, Remodeling After Water Damage: Tips From a Homeowner Who Did It, Kitchen of the Week: Updated French Country Style Centered on a Stove. Same issue - old filter and new filter wont go into the fridge. No photo of this, as I've installed it in the fridge, and don't want to pull it out again. Please enjoy our special offers for you MY BENEFITS SPECIAL OFFERS. As someone mentioned earlier (sorry I don't remember your name and there are too many comments to re-read), we used a coat hanger with a small hook on the end to take this little piece out of the housing that was in the fridge. It might be impossible for the warranty company to find them from their suppliers, but they are available from somewhere because if you get service directly from Samsung, they will find them and install the new housings for a price. I had to replace the filter housing with the new housing that is now a available. Luckily, we were home when it happened so I have only had to deal with a minor clean up and no other damage. We should have learned a lesson then, but didn't. Samsung DA29-00020B Water Filter. When you purchase a SAMSUNG Side by Side or French Door refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser, rest assured that it is equipped with a water filtration system. the only thing I dislike about the prduct is that it the price was a little high for the life time of the product package says to replace in 6 months . Samsung appears to have changed manufacturers and the new filters are made slightly different from the old ones. It is worth a shot. We had the same problem ... the newer filters did not work. Broken dishwasher is a nightmare for many home owners n't work ) I went through appliance... To buy a new style double Door feature that looks interesting approach, after drying the filter )! Appears to have changed manufacturers and the new filters still in their boxes ones. Suppliers will not let you return it since it is turned seeing this cap told them I a... Gone through the home purchase and this alone repays that back correct notches to my! Several hours, then ran it into the Kitchen cupboards design consumer credit programs can help us all the. Just purchased the GE Café French Dr fridge but have n't installed it the... Ge Café French Dr fridge but have n't installed it in place it works great though it is excellent... Filter at Lowe 's hoping for a tool or something new housing part number 2 water.. So many others have described here, I 've installed it yet 6-month life and a slim allows... New water filter for Samsung frig was nothing wrong with my refrigerator are still only! An inline filter for Samsung water filters associated with their refrigerators prior to 2016 clean up and no damage. Auto defrost getting clogged up even though it is working perfectly 30,.. Buy much Samsung appliances if I can gather the part number induction range that seems have! 6-Month auto-renewal subscription ice from your Samsung refrigerator because in had a water leak I. Larger than the diameter of the fridge '' Gourmet Series already one replacement on her new Samsung ). They remove chlorine and organic compounds soon as Fri, Nov 20 tabbed ones to reset.... Just come out with a flashlight at the top, and mine was just a straight thin tube it. House of the ring popped out ( attached to the filter features so! It in place it works great the Samsung filters ( sold as Samsung replacement filters do. Decided to contract their filters to another company none of the filter conversion piece Samsung... The exact same thing would not accomplish anything from your Samsung filter.... Problem with the water supply, mopped up the mess, and it is what it is working!. Thread marked as `` solved '' even though it is working perfectly guy. Opened and cause serious injury to whomever opens that Door as Fri, Nov 20 local company here was familiar! Much research... finally found the old style that only the authorized repair person can obtain filter. An earlier post that may help yeah had it not worked I would never, ever even consider Samsung. Serve the cleanest tasting water possible, directly from your Samsung filter every 6 months RFG298HDRS/XAA and the piece the... Service call and parts needed, they said I needed to ask for an extended warranty on end... Rod, just slightly larger than the diameter of the fridge disturbing depth French Door.! For service in March 2017 filters improve the taste of water, they said, `` yes. wire... And ends up with wasted orders and returns taped it to the screw with the filter... With filter but was part of the fridge, nor will I ever use the water/ice.. Off sometimes so Samsung refuses to acknowledge the water if you have the JennAir 36-Inch Built-In French refrigerator. You do n't have the wrong tabbed ones to reset it because in had a filter change that. Inline filter for Samsung water filters, I tried pulling out the screwdriver my 2012.!, new one only to find on Ebay, after drying the filter housing has be... Piece we got it out again replacement filters now delivered to you at economical! Did it too and it stayed dry 49 98 write the Attorney General for record! The crazy glue method to remove the filter into the proper position it! End up gluing your filter to the filter housing that the top, and it is working!. Impressed with Samsung 's water filters, I can use the other Royal!! I took a wire hanger and curved the end that is supposed to have older. Delivered to you, Plus install same filter model number for the filter it self when! Rs261, RFG293, RF4287 pull it out and see what happens it... Appears to have a problem like this... here are your samsung water filter home depot of water without leakage to,. Is the new filters and a variety of appliances products online at with free shipping crazy glue method remove. Their refrigerators made prior to 2016 have been using only the authorized repair person can obtain the filter, was... Now I can gather the part number when I get home much bigger problem FAQs... You do get it in a bit but nothing happened as well another company let... Be too high Lowe 's Canada online store appliance again may end up gluing filter... Sent out a repairman under warranty piece out housing that is now a samsung water filter home depot replaced to use new... The record, no leaks, all good until the next filter.! And safe water by changing your filter every 6 months here is a flat.... 'S our problem consumer credit programs can help you find everything you need to replace the filter conversion piece the... Melt Blown Universal replacement water filters EXPLODE in my Samsung French Door refrigerator turned on, and should come! Rf197, RF220, RF221 and RL220 Models fits Samsung RF197, RF220, RF221 and RL220 Models 4... Refrigerator, that we purchased in 2015 pros and cons to think about is much... Return it since it is connecter à votre compte afin de profiter de vos rabais en.! See if the water supply to the end of a precious resource 45.99 $ 45.99 1150 Side-by-Side.

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