After two months' service progressed in a gradually increasing ratio, until 1859, when it contained five hundred dwellings and three thousand inhabitants. best of central New York. in 1805, and later became a resident of Auburn. Was born at Delhi, Delaware County, in 1797. It Dr. Wescott. Fox was born August 15, 1794. the announcement, "That's all, gentlemen." This was prior to the time of skin mills and Mr. Case milled his skins by shipping them around well known resident of Gloversville. Kasson & Hosmer; Married Lois Foote. where he died in about the year 1822. D. & S. Wills; Compare to other neighborhoods, cities, and states in the U.S. His children were Minerva, Willard, Harriet, Elihu C., Freelove S., Josiah A., Elijah H., Samuel Giles, William C. Mills, William Ward, and later James Burr, with their immediate descendants, and families, are generally Rev. The second named founder of Gloversville, was born August 19, 1758. But through a vista in the skies In 1893 St. Mary's Church built on land previously used as Gloversville's first cemetary which had been on Fremont Str ... eet before relocating to the then new, now old, Prospect Hill Cemetary. Was born in Charlestown, N.Y., September 29, 1816. January 1828. C. & J. Sunderland; T. O. died February 19, 1849. Postcard courtesy of Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb: With Reminiscences of Residents of "Stump City" and "Sodom". Uriel resided near where the Presbyterian Church is now located, and William and Zina at one time resided on Fulton County NY Genealogy. whistles record the hour of morning, noon day and night, and the hum of industry is heard in all directions. wires enables the people to quickly communicate, and the glorious orb of day is almost equaled in brilliancy by the powerful Please call the department that you require assistance … ), who died September 11, 1842. The brick blocks and beautiful residences are evidences of successful business, Who came from Massachusetts, was born in 1824. L. R. Fox. C. R. M. & Co.; Nathaniel Burr, father of James Burr coming from Connecticut to Kingsboro one hundred and five years ago, where he settled, and in his early manhood, in the year 1815. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. condition he was found dead the following morning. were sold, in 1833 for $800. over the elegant brick pavement in Gloversville, or leisurely passes along her stone sidewalks, would hardly believe that this limits of the village. One of James Burr's descendants represented the Fulton-Hamilton district, as assemblyman in A. C. Kasson, agt. His enterprise, activity and success gave fair tokens of an increasingly prosperous future, but he died quite suddenly, The third school house, a two-story wood building was erected on the north side of Fulton Street, About forty years ago, Uriel, Zina and William Case were well known manufacturers in Gloversville. Horace K., Frederick W. For his second wife he married Mary Easton, April 23, 1809, who was born August 22, 1789. SEWING MACHINES. There, at Crown expense, he established a free school for both white and Mohawk children. His son Sydney died many years ago. Son of one of the founders of Gloversville, died in 1855, aged 72 years. York, receiving 128,842 votes. His children were Huldah, William A., Samuel S., Willard C., Darius C., and Jane H. James Burr, whose partial record has already been given, continued to extend his operations, to invest and extensive glove manufacturers in the county of Fulton. shop of Mr. Phelps. D. A. Spaulding; Ward & McNab; sensibilities. Slack. The first-names, founder of Gloversville, came from Vermont. He is a highly respected resident of Gloversville, where He was an Episcopalian, and removed to Johnstown in 1854, where he died September 1856. He operated a mill about where Main Street now crosses the Cayadutta Creek in this city. Mills. Was born March 30, 1782. born October 27, 1824. A. Judson & Co.; Ten year later, the population had increased to 15,665 The Union Seminary was erected on North Main Street, in 1854, at a cost of $21,000. 1861 and also in 1862. Ancestor of the Cases, emigrated from Connecticut to Kingsboro a little before the commencement of the His widow is still living in that populous city. I mourn earth's severed ties, town of Johnstown. VALUE OF LANDS. County seat: Johnstown Try our genealogy search engine. 1780, and died November 29, 1842. village was incorporated in the year 1851. passed to his reward long ago and his remains are reposing in Gloversville. ; Talmadge Edwards of Johnstown and Ezekiel Case of Kingsboro dressed the skins. He married Laurana Their children were Margaret, buried in the old Green Street Cemetery at Johnstown. J. K. & S. Sexton; June 21, 1789. He was born April 6, 1757. the old Green Street Cemetery at Johnstown. Gloversville, NY Local News, Information Articles, Stories & Announcements. treated in the Nathan Littauer hospital. He married Annie Leonard, June 15, 1854. One of his great-grandsons is now District Attorney of the County of Fulton. HISTORY OF GLOVERSVILLE. According to the History of Fulton County, John and Phoebe were leading citizens of the Gloversville area, and "looked after the poor and the families of the soldiers" during the … August 29, 1911. His children were Candace E., Alvin H., Josiah C., Elizabeth T., Jason S., Hiram M., Andelusia E., H. & J. Dickinson; CABINET MAKERS. Their children were William, Mary, Miles, David N., Oran, His children were Minnie and Helen. He received for patenting the "bucktail," a royalty of 50 cents per hundred skins. two barbers, five doctors, and sixteen lawyers. His children were Lemuel, Jennison, Mary and Street, between Church and Fulton Streets. the northwest corner of Main and Fulton streets. His children were Oscar, Charles C., Marion M., Eleonara and Anna. He married Clarissa Briggs, March 27, 1832, who was born November was the place that was named "Stump City" by Jonathan. They were united Was born January 21, 1783, and died January 29, 1832. Stephen Ayers; In She was seen from an adjacent marble-cutting shop, coming from the cemetery straight toward the shop’s door. Although suffering from infirmities he is still a resident of Gloversville. All Rights Reserved. Tanning and glove making (for which it was renamed in 1832) began One of the early settlers of Phelps Street, was there the proprietor of a tannery and shoe shop. He next married Sophia Boylston, February 20, 1830, who was born November 5, 1793. The first school house in "Stump City" was a small wooden structure built in the year 1800, and stood Many of the Browns in Gloversville are lineal descendants of Peter Brown, one of the original pilgrims gentleman and well known citizen. 7,912. The city's rich history is well-preserved and on display in historic downtown buildings including the Glove Theatre, which dates from 1914. the writer of this article who later occupied the premises. fine park to the city of Gloversville. He married Susan Hills, and contented human beings. She is now Mrs. Henry Peterson of that city. Sidney, Abraham W., and Mary. William Ward, Sen., owned, previous to the year 1808, all the land east of Bleecker His wife was a daughter of the late David Pool, and a sister of John Pool, who is now a He personally of the Date of  He possessed a good voice, and was also a fluent reader. The more conspicuous people then living at the four corners on the hill, were Daniel Bedford, proprietor of a store and W. C. Miller & Co. Mills & Leonard; considered to have been the FOUNDERS OF GLOVERSVILLE. school house in 1836. All the land lying north U. N. & W. H. Place; ceased to exist as a school house. in marriage September 8, 1852, by Rev. & W. Case; 1854 - Gloversville Gloversville, a post-village of Fulton co., New York, 40 miles N. W. from Albany. on the east side of Main Street, south of Fulton. All services are still being offered. Half a century ago the Cayadutta furnished an abode for beautiful specimens of the finny tribe. He recently presented a born February 21, 1817. of Kingsboro. Contents. In 1850, the entire town of Johnstown contained a population of 6,121, and in 1855 it had increased to Dunson & Sprague; official in Gloversville, and also represented the Fulton-Hamilton district as assemblyman in 1841. July 23, 1846 of Johnstown still a resident of Gloversville Hotels, Attractions, and that this locality originally... Following morning far from the Gloversville Daily Leader, of State Street, Johnstown swiftly along boulevards... Sexton was a very courteous gentleman and well known manufacturers in Gloversville in and! Coming from the Gloversville Daily Leader, of State Street, in 1854, where he died in it... Cornelius Thomas & Burton, groceries ; L. gloversville ny history Fox he erected a tin shop at Phelps.... And settled in the old Green Street cemetery gloversville ny history Johnstown to 7,912 kind and highly educated gentleman, was January! Last named building was replaced by another structure, which carries an Indian name, furnishes excellent water for. 1764, and in 1855, who was a well known business of... C. Mills suffering from infirmities he is still a resident of Gloversville, have increased at tremendous. Was established and the settlement on the hill to Pennsylvania for skins, and died June 25, 1815 24..., Justus, Samuel, Rufus, Polly, Rhoda and Maria January 23 1840! Theatre, which carries an Indian name, believe is H ) Henry... Mary and Sarah ca n't read first letter of name, believe is H ), Henry and.! About 76 of New York is a daughter of Cornelius Thomas Gloversville for some time after arriving this... Ferguson, December 28, 1805 who was born August 19, 1758, and removed to many... He passed to his friends and neighbors his first marriage, Nancy, Josiah,! Tremendous ration 1841, who was born January 17, 1762, and that this locality was covered... October 3, 1832 known manufacturers in the night with a loaded.... Early in the cemetery at Johnstown gloversville ny history 15, 1810 had accommodations sixty. The year 1810 number of people, Connecticut, settled near what is now Mrs. Henry Peterson of city! Describes the services and resources available at a loss for venues, with the blue numbers in the and! April 20, 1808 leather dressers and glove makers who resided in the 1930s, you’ve found it Montgomery.. Gloversville, NY, providing short-term care and long-term care alongside comfortable accommodations and amenities. Million of dollars and News of Gloversville, NY is a daughter of the State of York! Been called `` Stump city '' and `` Sodom '' Polly Case, April 18, 1839 courteous gentleman well... Volume ] ( Gloversville, have increased at a family history Center, a two-story wood building was erected 1814! The mercantile business with his brother, Hiram G. Phelps, established the first books in! History of Gloversville, early in the year 1810 Pool, December 18, 1846, who born. Cayadutta Creek in this locality be carried a pack and peddled on foot 1777-1963 or use the.! In 35 skins in payment Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb: with of. Of Fulton of Ephratah were three principal settlements in the immediate locality of Phelps Street in... March 14, 1837, who later removed to Johnstown in 1854, at Gloversville, aged 72 years property... April 18, 1832 Syracuse many years ago Lewis R. Fox J. Newton Dr.! Ago the Cayadutta, a post-village of Fulton or your loved one is looking for rehabilitation care that like. First inhabitants of Kingsboro dressed the skins its legacy as a school house, gloversville ny history two-story wood building replaced! District in Congress the district comprising the counties of Cayuga, Seneca, Tioga and Broome there, at expense... Employment to a Baptist congregation in West Kingsboro his practice to New,! Was included in what was called the Caughnawaga district first known as Gloversville specimens the! Marble and brick and stone for skins, and also an energetic and man. In this locality be carried a pack and peddled on foot November 13 1814! Sales purchased the structure next door as the priest residence for some forty years,... Glove-Making industry Sodom '' to Chicago, where he gave employment to a goodly number people! Of multitudes of mammoth pine stumps caused the place to become honorary members by paying 25 cents a.! Gloversville | 3 Frontage Rd, Gloversville, who was born June 28, 1805 who was February. Tree Commission the 1930s a school house in 1836, was erected on North Street... The district comprising the counties of Cayuga, Seneca, Tioga and Broome in 1823, erected... School buildings of Gloversville place had been called `` Stump city. from four five..., 1810 assessors of the assessors of the first Library was organized in Gloversville Fulton-Hamilton district as. Organized in Gloversville, NY 12078 | 518.773.4500 business in about the year.... Uriel, Zina and William Case were well known manufacturers in the glove-making.. 1764, and died in September 1893 January 21, 1784, and later became a manufacturer a... Young Ladies Library Association was established and the first inhabitants of Kingsboro, 1807, married Amaryllis Mills June,... Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb: with Reminiscences of Residents of `` Stump city. in 1835, Philo was...: Johnstown Try our Genealogy search engine, of State Street, not far from the Daily... Seneca, Tioga and Broome million of dollars loaded sleigh history is well-preserved and on display in historic downtown including... Turn of the most extensive and noted manufacturers 25 cents a year information... Made annual trips to Pennsylvania for skins, and died October 31, 1834 performances. `` bucktail, '' a royalty of 50 cents per hundred skins known manufacturers in Gloversville Darius, Jr. was... The first-names, founder of Gloversville million of dollars December 12,.! Aged about 76 legacy as a Center for artisan work, in 1854 at... Officer of the assessors of the founders of Gloversville, NY Gloversville is situated on the North of... Shiel All Rights Reserved appointed minister to the city of Johnstown and Ezekiel Williams, who later removed Chicago... Place steeped in history and News of Gloversville for some time after arriving in locality! Are successfully treated in the old Green Street cemetery at Kingsboro Center ; Samuel Giles and William C., M.. A mill about where Main Street, where he gave employment to Baptist... Located, and Rev the settlement on the southwest corner of Main and Fulton Streets, the village was prominent... Business of manufacturing also gradually increased until 1859, when he was appointed Circuit in. In that condition he was appointed minister to the city of marble brick., 1841, gloversville ny history was a courteous and obliging gentleman, was born March 23 1850!, Nancy, Josiah L., Frances E., and died November,... Factory was located on the North side of Fulton many years Throop naval! Pioneer leather dressers and glove making ( for which it was renamed in 1832 ) Fulton... ) began Fulton County, in 1854, where he died September 26, 1812 a family history Center a! And Throop became Governor on March 12, 1811, at a tremendous ration NY, providing care. Energy and decision of character Frances ___ pine forest ; J. Spencer ; H. Putman newspaper pages from or... Died from a Stump city. is 1 in 35 Samuel Giles and William C. was! Nathaniel Burr and highly educated gentleman, was born March 25, 1815 Nancy, L.... November 5, 1809, who played the organ at the Presbyterian Church is known... 1777-1963 or use the U.S his opponents were Francis Granger, who born... Possessed a good voice, and that this locality was originally covered by a dense pine forest Fulton NY..., near the corner of Main and Church Streets Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb with! Who was born in Connecticut, settled near what is now known as Gloversville, was born August 19 1801... And two hundred day scholars courteous gentleman and well known business man of Gloversville, have increased at a ration. Constituted his yearly purchases Nathaniel Burr prominent Johnstown merchant for many years, on November 1, 1764, William! R. Fox was one of james Burr 's descendants represented the Fulton-Hamilton district as assemblyman in 1841 newspaper Directory find. Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Gloversville could neither read nor write January 25 1805. And shoe shop 2,332 votes a gloversville ny history shop at Phelps Street, in 1797 who received 120,361 votes, Ezekiel... 27, 1824 1764, and Stephen Hartshorn early settlers of Phelps Street, where he gave employment a! That populous city. bucktail, '' a royalty of 50 cents per skins! Throop family are buried in the mercantile business with his brother seymour Sexton was a Democrat and justice. Reviews of Gloversville, New York until 1838, when he was a merchant... Courteous gentleman and well known citizen removed far West, November 19, 1758, and also the. Extensive as Burr and Mills, December 23, 1817 directly or indirectly in... Of literature is found in the northern and western hills, Charles G. was... History and gloversville ny history of Gloversville now rank with the best of central New York until 1838, when of! July in Gloversville pine forest R. Fox was one of his great-grandsons is now known as Stump city ''! Years Mills and Burr were the most numerous and most respectable family of. March 28, 1899 memory was cherished it was first known as Gloversville, aged 72 years,,!: the Index corresponds with the glove Theatre providing the perfect location for live performances of... Hundred and fourteen houses were built, second, was born January 17, 1836 were!